Progast® Real Results

Great product for bloating and constipation!

Alex McDonald

I got it from my doc. Very helpful. Don’t get acid re-flux or tummy cramps.

Felicia Fillis

The best product on the market for IBS!

Audrey Connolly

What others say

My feedback is that I am very impressed with your product. Last year my mother who is 83 years of age had to have two colon operations for a colon blockage. She takes your recommended drops 2 x per day and is free from any pain and colon problems. So thank you for a great product.’

‘Huge fan of the product!’  – Mari Du Toit

Women are more prone to gut issues than men. See this interview with Dr David Nye on gut conditions. The most common cause of gut related issues may surprise you.

‘I want to thank Progast® for saving my self-esteem after years if struggling with bloating. My youngest daughter is 11 and I still was asked about my “pregnancy” the day before I started Progast®. (I looked pregnant ALL THE TIME). This product, which helped me see my toes for the first time in years while standing, (HEHEHE) also took away my puffiness, my bloating and has given me my energy levels back!!! I am at the happiest I have been in years and the complements about how I look, are just amazing. I am so blessed to have found your product. A big thank you with lots of love and happiness – Customer for life!!

It is amazing. I only take 20 drops once a day and it works brilliantly. Works for lots of things.’

I have had the most amazing results, such relief! Fantastic product! Thank you, it works!’

Watch this valuable before and after real life patient case study and also see the manufacturing facility, Afriplex, where Progast is made.

‘Thank you, it’s so comforting just to watch these clips knowing that this can be treated. My problem also became worst over the years.’

‘Notice it also protects the gut lining.’ – Steve Langenegger

‘The best product on the market for IBS!’ – Audrey Connolly

‘Those with IBSwill be blessed with this product to help us. Those with long term IBS know what discomfort we go through. Thank you.’ – David Johnson

‘I bought some today and took my first 20 drops about an hour ago. Really hope this works because I really suffer a lot from irritable bowel syndrome.…’

…one month later:

This stuff is ABSOLUTELY MAGIC!!!’ – Marlene Clarke

‘I use this product. Excellent.’ – Maria Visser

‘Great product. Well done Paul Bosman!’ – Monica Childs

‘Second Progast® bought, it helps my companion IBS.’ –  Freda Claassen

‘ I live on Progast® it really helps when used with a probiotic.’ – Carol Landon

 Works like a bomb’ – Sheredene Arendse

 Excellent product. Try it !!!!’  – Welme Breytenbach

 ‘Bought this product. After 4th dose it is working wonders. Amazing how the acid and reflux are so much better.’

‘I got it from my doc. Very helpful. Don’t get acid reflux or tummy cramps.’ – Felicia Fillis

It’s perfect for athletes too.’

I can highly recommend Progast®. I use them daily and it plays an integral role in my hectic training schedule for my TB campaign which evolves around running and cycling.’

It really works wonders.’

Cannot be without it.’

Having completed 42 consecutive Comrades Ultra Marathons, Wietse van der Westhuizen shares his natural health secrets.

‘Great product for bloating and constipation!’ –  Alex McDonald

‘I’m using it and it works especially with tummy cramps.’ – Henrietta Nicholson

‘I also use it as a detox. . . It really works for me!’ – Lady Mac McDonald

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