It takes guts to be healthy

Our expertise in understanding gut health and our leading range of natural products, makes Progast® your go-to support for solutions to gut conditions and your road to optimum health. Explore our collection of trusted products, see our gut conditions section and find solutions based on protocols tailored to your needs.

Why Progast?
Gut Conditions

Progast® Gastrointestinal Support Drops

Synergistic Blend of Herbal Extracts
to Support Gastrointestinal Function

Progast® Oxy-Colon Cleanse

Botanical Laxative for Effective,
Effortless and Odorless Elimination

Progast® FloraCare Forte Capsules

Acid Resistant Pre-probiotic Botanical

Progast® FloraCare Drops

Probiotic Drops Uniquely Formulated
for Immune and Intestinal Health

Progast® Butyric Acid Complex

Fuel for your Microbiome & Protection
for the Gut Lining

Progast® Stomach Acid Support

Supports Digestive Function
due to Low Stomach Acid

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As roots are to the flowers, so the bowel to the body and brain. As soil health is to the roots, so is the microbiome to the bowel, the blood, and liver ecosystems. A good gardener knows to feed the soil regularly, save some bugs, and hope for rain and sunshine so the flowers can bloom. Soil health is compromised when pesticides, insecticides and fungicides are used.

The soil in the garden of your body (microbiome) depends on living creatures; and health cannot be achieved when antibiotics, antivirals or antifungal drugs are used.

The use of some prescription drugs, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, can damage your immune system as well as destroying viruses, fungi, parasites and good bacterium. Therefore, you need a more natural approach to restore the gut microbiome, prevent ill health and avoid the future use of prescription medicine.

Welcome to Progast!

A healthy digestive system is essential to your body’s absorption and optimal utilization of food and all its nutrients. Maintaining a diverse microbiome, plus a healthy level of digestive enzymes, optimal gut motility and an effective pH balance can optimize, not just your digestion, but whole-body health. The phases of digestion include the digestion of food, absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste products.

With this in mind, our cutting edge range of natural products has been formulated by experts to synergistically support precisely this optimum gastrointestinal function. Our products are produced using the latest technology and the highest quality ingredients.

If you take your gut health seriously, then the Progast® range is for you. Our range includes:

It takes guts to be healthy!

‘Most antibiotics do not kill bacteria. They simply prevent microbial multiplication or reduce the rate of growth. The killing of bacteria is left to the body’s own hunter immune cells. The same is true for antivirals, antifungals, and antiparasitic drugs.’ ~ Prof Majid Ali

Research, Development and Manufacture

Progast® is a natural product range of pharmaceutical-grade quality. Once we have developed a formula, the next step is to choose our raw materials based on quality and sustainability. During the development stage, product standardization, quality control and assurance are essential components in the manufacturing process.

An integral part of manufacturing is to conduct chemical, pharmacological, and toxicological evaluations at multiple stages of manufacture – from raw material to finished product. The bioactive properties of the plant material undergoing processing are also certified, and we provide a certificate of analysis for active and inactive ingredients.

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