An integrative approach to digestive health.

Gastrointestinal (GI) homeostasis is central to our general health and wellbeing1. Nearly everyone experiences some sort of gastrointestinal discomfort at some point or another.

Functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) can manifest as chronic or recurrent symptoms:

  • abdominal pain and cramps
  • bloating and flatulence
  • chronic constipation and diarrhoea
  • heartburn and acid reflux
  • indigestion and nausea.

Digestive diseases (in the absence of organic disease) encompass more than 40 acute and chronic conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, ranging from common digestive disorders such as Functional dyspepsia (FD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), to serious, life-threatening diseases such as Diverticulosis and Colorectal Cancer. According to a study by Halder, out of the Mayo Clinic, one in three individuals have a digestive disorder.

To reduce symptoms related to gastric and abdominal disorders.

Bloating & Flatulence

Chronic Constipation



Abdominal Pain & Cramps


Despite a clear range of symptoms, these conditions are not well understood. It’s of utmost importance to shift our focus to uncover possible causes of disease of the digestive tract, and not treat symptoms only. The human system needs proper balance of form and function to be in homeostasis. We need to return the system to balance. Adoption of an integrative treatment protocol, looking at dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as natural solutions, would achieve more effective prevention and treatment of digestive disease.

  1. Lyte M. The microbial organ in the gut as a driver of homeostasis and disease. Med Hypotheses 2010; 74: 634–638.

The Power of Ten

Progast® is a herbal tincture containing ten botanical extracts and is a popular natural remedy for those seeking an effective drug-free solution for their digestive issues.

Tablets take time to break down and dissolve before their active ingredients can start working. The ten natural plant extracts in Progast® oral drops are already dissolved in a liquid formula, which means the body can absorb them straight away. Progast® with its advanced gut signalling action, supports serotonergic and cholinergic function for healthy gut motility. Read more …

Women are more likely to experience gastrointestinal distress

Women are two to six times more likely to experience GI issues than men. Unresolved stress due to a stressful lifestyle is one reason. There are also many physical reasons why women may be prone to more tummy troubles than men:

  • Women secrete less stomach acid and experience slower gastric emptying that can result in bloating.
  • Women tend to use more NSAIDs throughout their lifetime which can irritate the stomach lining.
  • Women have slower emptying from the large intestine that can cause occasional issues with regularity, and it tends to worsen with age.
  • Women have slower gallbladder emptying that can lead to occasional discomfort.
  • Women’s enzyme systems in their livers and small intestines differ from men’s and can affect how their bodies break down medication.
  • Women’s bodies also tend to be more sensitive to irritants, such as gas, in their GI tracts which can trigger messages to the brain and in turn, a stressful response back to the gut, further impacting bowel function.


Adults and children under 12 years: Take 20 drops (1,0 ml) 3 times a day.
Children 6 – 12 years:  Give 15 drops (0,75 ml) 3 times a day.
Children 3 – 5 years:  Give 10 drops (0,5 ml) 3 times a day.
Children 3 months – 3 years:  Give 8 drops (0,4 ml) 3 times a day.
Infants under 3 months:  Give 6 drops (0,3 ml) 3 times a day.


1 ml (20 drops) oral liquid contains:

Ulmus rubra Muh. (Slippery elm bark) 75,000 mg
Zingiber Officinale L. (Ginger root) 70,000 mg
Matricaria Chamomilla L. (German camomile flower) 66,700 mg
Angelica archangelica L. (Angelica root) 33,300 mg
Carum carvi L. (Caraway fruit) 33,300 mg
Sliybum marianum L. Gaertn. (Milk thistle fruit) 33,300 mg
Malissa officinalis L. (Lemon balm leaf) 33,300 mg
Cynara scolymus L. (Artichoke leaf) 33,300 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra L. (Licorice root) 33,300 mg
Mentha piperita L. (Peppermint leaf) 16,700 mg

Alcohol 31,0% v/v

For product information see package insert and patient leaflet.

‘A person whose basic emotional and physical tendencies are in balance, Whose digestive power is balanced, Whose bodily tissues, elimination functions and activities are in balance, And whose mind, senses and souls are filled with vitality, that person is said to be healthy.’

~ Sushruta Samhita, 2000 B.C.

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